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Ported on some eInk based devices. The document format handlers page has a chart describing in more detail the supported formats and the features supported in each of them. Font information and metadata can also be extracted. Please try reloading this page, or contact support. It is very hard to solve this problem.

OpenSearchServer is a powerful, enterprise-class, search engine program. To link to this page from your website, simply cut and paste the following code to your web page. Slashdot covers news for nerds and stuff that matters. Resources Blog Articles Deals. Refer to the iSphere help pages for details.

It renders text with metrics and spacing accurate to within fractions of a pixel for the highest fidelity in reproducing the look of a printed page on screen. Building LibHaru was very easy.

You can use it with Windows Forms to generate new pdf files or to save them on a database. It's small and starts up very fast. Do you have a GitHub project?

Note that this page is meant for programmers. Some styles failed to load. Upon completion, you can view detailed reports about your connection.

Host on your own infrastructure or use ours. Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats. Freetype allows inclusion in commercial closed source applications.

It has command line support so it is easy to automate the bursting of reports. Features Automate high-volume document delivery to customers, vendors, employees and prospects.

Free PDF Programming Libraries and Source Code


It has out of the box delivery targets like email and ftp. One should always investigate the license type of any library used in a project. If you find this site useful, please link to us.

Open Source PDF Libraries and Tools

This is the enhanced version of pdfsam. The Ring Programming Language Innovative and practical general-purpose multi-paradigm language The Ring is an Innovative and practical general-purpose multi-paradigm language. For separately taken field, you can specify some condition depending on which this field will display in different font and background color, etc. We never released it but it is near-production-grade code. It is available on NuGet - nuget.

How do we grade questions? This makes it great for pure. Doesn't write to registry. It is currently under active development.

The Ring is an Innovative and practical general-purpose multi-paradigm language. For future references, you may want to check out GemBox. It currently supports pdf, postscript, djvu, tiff and dvi. For lower releases you can compile the library from an i Project by hand. The most important goal of this library is the simple way of use.

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It can work as both a static-library. It is written as a class library in Java and C. After searching for online I found the PoDoFo library.

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It's free, open source and quite convenient to use, but i can't say whether it is the best, pdf viewre because i haven't really used anything else. Automatically prevents short circuits and checks for open circuits. The question does not currently require free or open-source libraries.

So, can't use that either. Capture images and text easily with kpdf by dragging a rectangle around what is desired to be captured. Further information about iSphere are available on the iSphere Web Site. The output is usually a page bitmap which is then sent to an output device such as a printer or display.

DocumentBurster is a report distribution software which can burst reports such as payslips, invoices or statements in order to break up and distribute by email, web, file share, etc. Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it. LibHaru seems to be used by many. You can add headers and footers.

Open Source PDF Libraries and Tools

It's especially intended to make Wikipedia available offline. Using the web user interface, the crawlers web, file, database, etc.

Try wkhtmltopdf Software features Cross platform. All sent and received data can be shown in a console and can be logged in an html and a text log.

News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters Check out Slashdot, the leading technology news and discussion site on the web. If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance. Didn't try it myself, but maybe it can help you.

Then your future releases will be synced to SourceForge automatically. It is useful for automated document creation. Xpdf runs on practically any Unix-like operating system. It allows bookmarks from the input pdfs to be imported and flexibly embedded in the destination document. The supported programming paradigms are Imperative, Procedural, Object-Oriented, Functional, Meta programming, Declarative programming using nested structures, and Natural programming.