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Nonetheless, this will not mean that you need to step away from the computer screen every now and then. You will need to write a class that implements the ScriptContext interface, managing a collection of scopes. Acknowledgments Writing a book is always a monumental effort, and rewriting doesnt seem to be much easier, especially with such a rapid rate of change in Java technology. You can use this class to construct greeters with different salutations such as Hello, Goodbye, and so on.

As in earlier editions, all code is simple to know and exhibits fashionable biggest-apply choices to the realworld challenges confronted by expert builders. In the past, the Enterprise Edition of Java was notorious for making programmers fuss with lots of boilerplate code. We then attach an ActionListener with an actionPerformed method that executes the script panel. You can meet this requirement by dening an agent, a library that is loaded to monitor a program in some way. We now need a mechanism to analyze them and install action listeners.

Core Java Volume II--Advanced Features 9th Edition

The Target and Retention annotations are meta-annotations. Then run javac -processor sourceAnnotations. In this section, we demonstrate this technique with a simpler example. This eBook requires no passwords or activation to read.


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JavaBeans persistence cont. This annotation has the same role as the deprecated Javadoc tag. The remaining parameters of the run method are simply the arguments that you would pass to javac if you invoked it on the command line.

An annotation describes this fact better than does interface inheritance. The Inherited meta-annotation applies only to annotations for classes. Of course, we would prefer to hear about them only once. Constantly favor to read the eBook in the same span that will be similar to the printed book.

You can specify any number of element types, enclosed in braces. We place the subclass into a package with the name x, which we hope is not used anywhere else in the program. It is therefore tempting to combine the advantages of scripting and traditional languages. In other words, this technique carries out just in time modication of the bytecodes. As this chapter was written, that version was still a work in progress.

The method adds each le object to a list before returning it so that we can locate the bytecodes later. If one script denes variables, functions, or classes, most scripting engines retain the denitions for later use. In particular, you can Control the source of program codefor example, by providing code in a string builder instead of a le. Note that calling getClass on an annotation object would return the actual class, not the interface. The compiler checks that a method with this annotation really overrides a method from the superclass.

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Core Java Volume II Advanced Features (9th Edition) (Core Series) Pdf

Making a book a reality takes many dedicated people, riane eisler el caliz y la espada pdf and it is my great pleasure to acknowledge the contributions of the entire Core Java team. Part of the Core Series series.

Complete descriptions of new language and platform features are highlighted and integrated with insightful explanations of advanced Java programming techniques. In the following sections, well show you how to select an engine for a particular language, how to execute scripts, and how to take advantage of advanced features that some scripting engines offer.

The element declarations in the annotation interface are actually method declarations. There are no event handlers. The Rhino engine does not have the notion of a standard input source. Also have a look at the code directories. For each method, it gets the ActionListenerFor annotation object and processes it.

This example shows the power of bytecode engineering. Let us look at the yellowButton in more detail. Usually, you will realize that the text of the eBook will be in medium size. One of them processes source-level annotations, the other uses the Apache Bytecode Engineering Library to process class les, injecting additional bytecodes into annotated methods.

Thus, as with the rst volume and the previous editions of this book, we are still targeting programmers who want to put Java technology to work on real projects. If you are an experienced developer who is comfortable with advanced language features such as inner classes and generics, you need not have read the rst volume in order to benet from this volume.

This shows a limitation of our annotation. The details are a bit technical. In our sample application, we use a simpler example and generate dynamic Swing code instead. You have now seen the basic concepts of program metadata and annotations.

We show you how to write your own class loaders and security managers for special-purpose applications. Corporate and Government Sales corpsales pearsontechgroup. In fact, an annotation Serializable would be more appropriate than the Serializable marker interface with no methods. You can pass any Writer to the setWriter method, but the Rhino engine throws an exception if it is not a PrintWriter.

Target Annotations Species the items to which this annotation can be applied. The compiler checks that you apply an annotation only to a permitted item.

Volume IIAdvanced Features

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Mohammad Shazwan Mohd Saad. For each annotated method, recover the property name by stripping off the get or set prex and decapitalizing the remainder.