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The Life and Times

An in-depth and sympathetic biography in historical context of one of the greatest and most humane thinkers of all time. Most people know that he was somehow involved with the atomic bomb.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. He spent the last half of his life unsuccessfully searching for a unified field theory. Einstein is consistently described by his friends as inconsiderate, socially inept, and self-centered. The portrait painted is a sympathetic one, and yet Clark also exposes Einstein's faults in the context of the ironies of the genius's life.

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Given the complexity of this work, that is a gift. So, I think there was a conscious decision to veer away from this area or there was a lack of source material. This book is incredibly detailed and well-researched. It tended to be longwinded and was filled with too much innuendo.

His absent mindedness is a true testament of his steadfast focus and ability to not worry about trivial day to day problems. This is a well-written exposition of Einstein's life and theories. Albert Einstein is a human being. It was a good read without much maths but could clearly explain the science. He was concerned that the Germany military might develop it first and gain a disturbing advantage over the allies.

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Einstein The Life and Times Ronald Clark Bloomsbury Reader

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? The reader can easily understand the impact of Einstein's discovery because it is so lucidly placed within the scientific thinking that came before and after it. We got a lot about Einstein's first marriage, so the latter may be more true. What a joy to find a masterful writer. While it was definitely not the worst book I ever read, I have learned my lesson from the bad books, and that is if I am not enjoying a book, I have permission to quit!

What I mean is that while the details of his life are of course important, I felt that his scientific and philosophical ideas were only discussed superficially. He had long walks with friends helped him in solving scientific problems. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading this work and learned quite a few interesting tidbits about the great scientist I hadn't yet known. Einstein was a remarkable man. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

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These include the pacifism movement between the wars, the anti-Nazi movement, persons both for and against development of nuclear weapons and the Zionist movement. Einstein himself hated the public adulation he received, though he treasured the high estimation with which his fellow physicists held What a joy to find a masterful writer. And I know the author was trying to make it as simplistic as possible. Intersected nicely with what I've read of the nuclear age by Richard Rhodes, but takes you off on such interesting tangents.

Einstein His Life and Times. The life of Albert Einstein has been brought into brilliant focus by Ronald W. But Ronald Clark fails to m red-shifted Prepare to feel time slow down if you approach this black hole of a book. Overall, an exemplary work done by Ronald W.

Overall this book was lengthy, seemed to cover the subject well, and seemed to maintain a good tone relating to the main character, and drew from many sources to create a picture of a brilliant life. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

This time is necessary for searching and sorting links. Maybe I would have been more into this book had I read it in college when all that information was interesting and current to me, but now - not so much. Certain parts do tend to drag on and come off as a bit drab, but on the whole this is an immensely readable account.

In he chose journalism as a career. Does the electronic version of the book completely replace the paper version?

While I did like learning about his life which is why I started the book I was bored by the in depth discussion of various scientific theories. This was about five times longer than it needed to be. Vivid and readable -The New York Times.

Einstein The Life and Times Ronald Clark Bloomsbury ReaderThe Life and Times

It's no wonder that Einstein could maintain such rose-colored pacifism when he lived off of the emotional and financial largess of the international scientific community. That is, we are doing the same thing as Google, only within the framework of one subject. He saw his brother scientists turn their minds to creating better ways to kill their fellowmen and it disturbed him.

In this sense, Clark was intellectually incompetent to be Einstein's biographer. Clark returned to Britain in and wrote extensively on subjects rangelieved in God. Clarks definitive biography of Einstein, the Promethean figure of our age, goes behind the phenomenal intellect to reveal the human side of the legendary absent-minded professor.

Einstein is an academic giant, 1014 practice questions for the new gre 2nd edition pdf and his contributions to science are unmatched. Brownian motion and theory of relativity were in rudimentary in quantum mechanics Einstein helped them reach shore. An excellent elaboration on his early life acts as a prologue to the illustrious career of Einstein. His life after was a scientific wasteland - because of his self-imposed isolation. His Life and Universe Paperback.

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Many of the sentences, and even some paragraphs, are written in passive voice, and there are more block quotes than I've ever experienced in a book before. This continued throughout his life. The humanity of Einstein shines through this beautifully written book.