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Epson EB-965

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There is probably a poor contact in the power cord, or the power cord may be defective. Install the You can adjust the volume using one of the following methods. Caution Turn off the projector's power before cleaning.

Adjust the Brightness setting from the Configuration menu. The power cord is not connected correctly or power is not being supplied.

Subnet Mask Enter a subnet mask for the currently connected projector. This projector has enhanced connectivity, giving choice and flexibility however you intend to present. When power saving settings have been enabled, a leaf icon is displayed next to each submenu.

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Maintenance Maintenance This chapter provides information on maintenance procedures to ensure the best level of performance from the projector for a long time to come. Epson understands that being in control is important when presenting in a corporate or education environment. As a result, word you can prevent presentations from being interrupted by connections from other computers. You can solve problems by answering the Using the remote control Using the control panel questions.

Security Functions Security Functions The projector has the following enhanced security functions. If the Lamp is cracked, replace it with a new lamp, or contact your local dealer for further advice. Contact A compact screen that can be carried easily.


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If you are concerned about the environment in which your projector is installed, or if you have any other questions, please contact our support department and they can provide additional assistance. The settings are reflected in the Configuration menu.

When Freeze is activated on moving images, the frozen image continues to Remote control Projector project on the screen, so you can project a moving image one frame at a time like a still photo. Have we recognised your operating system correctly? This means projectors can be quickly moved and set up in different classrooms and meeting rooms. Problems When Projection Starts Do the indicators turn on and off when the power cord is touched? You can correct keystone distortion using one of the following methods.

Move the box to select the part of the image to use as the User's Logo. The printer may not function properly or at all if you use third party ink cartridges.

Is Output audio from the projector selected? When using a commercially available video or S-video cable Connect the video output port on the image source to the projector's Video port. Welcome to Epson and keep an eye out for our latest updates and exclusive offers.

When done, make sure you go to the Complete menu, and select Yes, No, pdf vs pdfa or Cancel. When using the supplied computer cable Connect the computer's display output port to the projector's Computer port. Replacing Consumables You should always have a spare lamp unit ready in case it is needed. Check that no cables are disconnected and that there are no poor contacts in the cables. Check that your electrical outlet or power source is functioning correctly.

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The device could be damaged or could malfunction. Pointer Wireless Mouse Remote control You can control the computer's mouse pointer from the projector's remote control. Are the indicators switched off? However, not all functions may be supported.

Ideal for making presentations using a whiteboard. If it is not installed correctly, it could fall Install the projector according to the conditions of the installation location. Although steps are explained using the remote control as an example, you can perform the same operations from the control panel. This mechanism prevents communication unless the encrypted keys for the access point and the projector match. Be sure to connect the cable of the source to the projector first, and then When using a laptop computer, you need to change the screen connect the power cord to the projector.

Preparing The Projector Preparing the Projector This chapter explains how to install the projector and connect projection sources. See the following for more details on the Microsaver Security System. Any fees incurred when communicating with the App Store or computer's screen Google play are the responsibility of the customer. Basic Usage Basic Usage This chapter explains how to project and adjust images.

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Install the projector as follows. Connecting Usb Devices Connecting Equipment Attention If the orientation or shape of the plug differs, do not try to force it in. Contact your local dealer or the nearest address provided in the Epson Projector Contact List. Mode If you select Quick, a small network is created automatically by You can make network settings.

For more information on how we use cookies and how to manage your preferences go to Cookie Information. Polyurethane foam Install the new air filter.

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Epson EB-965