Garmin Gns 430 Manual Pdf

If one unit is set for automatic crossfill and the other is set for manual crossfill, then only the auto unit automatically sends data to the manual unit. If no radar altimeter is present, Sensitivity Level A is active when the landing gear is extended. Figure Map Page Displaying Traffic. The User Waypoint List Figure allows the pilot to review, modify, rename, or delete a selected user waypoint, or to delete all user waypoints currently stored in memory.

This does not affect the alerts listed on the. The on-screen traffic information occupies two data fields, leaving room to display only two additional data types. The alert boundaries for controlled airspace are also sectorized to provide complete information on any nearby airspace. Frequency selection is performed by pressing the small left knob and turning the small and large left knobs to select the desired frequency.

Garmin GNS 430(A) User Manual

The key and knob descriptions Figure provide a general overview of the primary function s for each key and knob. Use the small and large right knobs to enter the altitude indicated on the altimeter.

Help Garmin provide better support by completing on-line registration. Garmin can also be reached by mail. If any parts are missing or damaged, please contact a Garmin dealer immediately. When a unit is configured for automatic transfer, a manual transfer can also be done on command. In such cases, melodies of praise hymn book pdf the pilot should manually fly the approach or refer to the documentation provided with the autopilot.

Page is track-up oriented. Terrain between ft and ft below the aircraft altitude Yellow. Continue turning the small right knob to select the desired data item from the list.

This performs the same operation as selecting. The procedure turn portion of an approach is stored as one of the legs of the approach. This is normal when flying a course from fix to altitude leg and indicates that automatic leg sequencing is suspended. When converging with the final approach course the needle moves toward the center. However, the displayed information should never be understood as being allinclusive.

Pilot's Guide and Reference, but it's not intended to be valid for training purposes other. The Database Versions Page Figure displays the navigation database type and version information as well as the land database type and version. The individual pages are selected using the small right knob. If successful, maintain visual contact to ensure safe operation. The page groups are selected using the large right knob.


Database information highlighted in yellow indicates the database is not within its effective dates. If the target altitude should occur at the target reference waypoint, enter a distance of zero. The pilot has decided to divert to.

This automatically sequences to the next leg of the flight plan as each interim waypoint is reached. One-time messages appear once the timer expires and reappear each time the.

After travelling along a flight plan, the pilot may wish to reverse the route for navigation guidance back to the original departure point. Once an approach is selected, it may be activated for navigation from the Procedures Page. Automatic waypoint sequencing is suspended at the missed approach holding point.

Turn the small right knob until the desired page is displayed. Orientation is shown in the upper portion of the Traffic Page.


Garmin gns 430 manual pdfGarmin gns 430 manual pdf

Certain approach, departure, and arrival procedures in the Jeppesen database contain course from fix flight plan legs. If no flight plan or direct-to destination has been selected, only speed, track, altitude, and minimum safe altitudedatamaybedisplayed.

Garmin GNS 430 Operating Manual

Use the small and large right knobs to enter the identifier of the waypoint at which the pilot wants to determine sunrise and sunset times. The most accurate baro-corrected altitude can be achieved by frequently updating the altimeter setting to the nearest reporting station along the flight path. Use the small and large right knobs to set the time or date required before the message is displayed. The steps required to select and activate an approach, departure, or arrival are identical.

Garmin gns 430 manual pdf

Turn the small right knob to select the desired count direction. Fuel flow is automatically provided by sensor. Scroll Bar Figure Scroll Bar.