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The book emphasizes problem solving, contains abundant problem sets, and is conveniently organized to meet the needs of both student and instructor. The book could also be used as the basis of a graduate level introduction to relativity for students who did not learn relativity as part of their undergraduate training. This book describes the basic solutions of Einstein's equations with a particular emphasis on what they mean, both geometrically and physically. These notions are initially introduced using the most simple and symmetric cases. Students in physics, mathematics or engineering with an interest to learn Einstein's theories of relativity should be able to use this book already in the second semester of their third year.

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The prerequisites are those of a basic general relativity course with calculations and derivations presented in detail, making this text complete and self-contained. The book presents basic General Relativity and provides a basis for understanding and using the fundamental theory. From Newton to Einstein is intended to teach students of physics, astrophysics, astronomy, and cosmology how to think about special and general relativity in a fundamental but accessible way. The treatment is masterful, continual emphasis being placed on careful discussion and motivation, memotech electricite pdf with the aim of showing how physicists think and develop their ideas.

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The book is an invaluable resource both for graduate students and academic researchers working in gravitational physics. Various important coordinate forms of each solution are presented, thus enabling the global structure of the corresponding space-time and its other properties to be analysed. Part B is more advanced, but still does not require sophisticated mathematics.

The book includes full discussions of many problems of current interest which are not treated in any extant book, and all these matters are considered with perception and understanding. The individual communications were collected in a two-volume publication made available to the participants upon their arrival and widely distributed to Scientific Institutions and Research Centres. Numerical techniques are not covered in this book. The mathematical level of Part A is aimed at undergraduate students and could be the basis for a course on General Relativity.

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Topics is intended for both students and researchers in mathematical physics and philosophy of science.

This book provides a concise introduction to both the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity. First there are the general presentations ofTh.

General relativity from a to b

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