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Kill Me Softly (Beau Rivage 1) by Sarah Cross

It has a good base for the story. Mira does meet his brother, Felix, and falls for him. We have the classic Bad Boy.

Mira is about to break their heart by running away. How her parents had dressed her in lace and a dainty rosebud crown for her christening. As the cover copy makes clear, fairy tales are real in Beau Rivage. The air was damp, cool for June.

Kill Me Softly

But then Viv receives an invitation to the exclusive club where the Twelve Dancing Princesses twirl away their nights. My interest in fairy tales coincided with a boom in scholarship about them. Felix and Blue, the two brothers. Mira though her life was plain awful and she pretty much hated it so she decided to break her poor godmothers hearts and run away and scare them and lie to them and you name it. Mira is an orphan, living with her godmothers in a small home with a ton of I really wish that I had just set this one aside and left it to its fans.

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This isn't exactly a good message to be sending teenage girls. He was a real life prince who gave kindness away freely and was always nice and sweet. As the story progressed, she dissolved into a lovesick, blushy nincompoop. Not to mention, he later after one day of knowing her gives you a key to his suite. And the extent of this romantic development is Blue snarling at Mira, Mira threatening to hit him all the while thinking about how frustratingly good looking he is.

Open Preview See a Problem? Not allowed to go for walks after dark. She runs away from home without a clear plan of what to do.

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In the years since then, I've kept my eyes out for fairy tale retellings. Then she suddenly finds out the truth and she falls for his brother, Blue.

Or maybe this is Sarah Cross's brilliance shoving itself in my face that makes me declare this one of my favourite books of all time! God, Sarah Cross really made their fairy tales so interesting to read. Matt turned around to loop his arms across the back of the passenger seat, his overgrown hair falling in his face.

Then, after finding out the truth, Felix finds out she knows, he's gone, Blue and Freddie find her, Freddie kisses her since he is her prince charming, and Blue and her end up together. There's the charmingly handsome boy, whom woodland creatures seem to follow around everywhere he goes. He's going to kiss her to bring her back from her coma. In fact, I was okay with all my parents rules because I'm not an optimistic dreamy eyed idiot who doesn't know how the world works.

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Kill Me Softly builds a fantastic world. To put it the most succinctly, Kill Me Softly is charming, clever and just plain fun. Excerpt from Kill Me Softly Available now in hardcover, paperback, ebook, shia islamic books in hindi pdf and audio book formats. The Writing Reading Sarah Cross's writing is like a dream.

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Why doesn't she find them? The fantasy element is a curse and marks, that's like it.

Fairy tale re-tellings are definitely a golden subject for me. The beginning was fine but the middle and end needed much more action.

Her godmothers love her, adore her. It doesn't exactly work out like Mira planned.

The twist here is that everyone has these fairytale curses, forcing them to reenact the fairytales, which is really fascinating concept. Broad things, like Belle in Beauty and the Beast being a book worm, yeah whatever.

Today she just felt guilty, and was nervous about being found out, and struggling not to let it show on her face. Mirabelle is on the verge of her sixteenth birthday, and finally decides that it is time to fill the major, gaping hole in her life - by seeking out her past.

It happens every day in Beau Rivage! Carefully, Mira unlocked the back door. From November to June, Mira had written love letters to herself, and to a boy she invented, who supposedly lived in San Francisco. They talk about curses, they talk about spells. Casinos were open all night.