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Exhaust Emission Control System Diagram. Cap Bolt Washer Install the tensioner with a new gasket onto the cylinder. Install and tighten the rear shock absorber lower mount bolt to the specified torque. Also check that the bearing outer race fits tightly in the hub. Install the guide rollers and guide roller pins.

Clutch Outer Install the clutch outer. Piston Pin Clip Install the piston, piston pin and a new piston pin clip. The installation sequence is the reverse of removal. Heat the water with an electric heating element to operating temperature for five minutes. Apply engine oil to the O-ring and tighten the bolt.

First Edition, Feb All rights reserved. Removing the radiator cap while the engine is hot can allow the coolant to spray out, seriously scalding you. Use shop towels to protect the motorcycle body during engine removal. This interval should be judged by odometer reading or months, whichever comes first. Install the water pump into the crankcase while aligning the water pump shaft groove with oil pump shaft end.

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If accumulation of sediment or clogging is found, replace the fuel filter with a new one. Snap the throttle three to four times to bleed air from the system. Install the right side cover. Loosen the carburetor clamp screw. Measure the resistance between the terminals using the electric tester.

What manual covers the Jockeye VietNam. When installing the cam chain, pam8610 pdf be careful not to damage the oil seal. Reconnect the water lower hose securely. Insert the commutator into the front cover. Connect a clear hose to the rear caliper air bleed screw.

Kymco service manual pdfKymco service manual pdfKymco service manual pdf

Make sure to install new gaskets, O-rings, circlips, cotter pins, etc. Disconnect the fuel unit connector. If the lever feels soft or spongy when operated, bleed the air from the system.

Rear Wheel Install the inner side collar. If reserve tank becomes completely empty, there is a possibility of air getting into the cooling system. Take care not to damage or break the piston rings during removal. If the double connector has a lock, lock it at the correct position.

Disconnect the starter motor cable from the starter relay switch. Replace the radiator cap if it does not hold pressure, or if relief pressure is too high or too low.

There should be continuity with the parking lever pull up, and there should be no continuity with the front brake lever is push down. Use care when removing and installing the oil pump not to allow dust and foreign matters to enter the engine and oil line. Inspect the float valve and valve seat contact area for stepped wear or contamination. The motor could suddenly start, causing serious injury.

Drive in the left bearing. Raise the front wheel off the ground and check that the steering handlebar rotates freely. The oil level shall be at the oil check bolt hole.

The bearing should turn smoothly and quietly. Install the intake and exhaust valve rocker arms and rocker arm shafts. Pressure test the radiator cap.

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Kymco service manual pdf

Replace it with a new one Confirm according to the specified capacity. Check the brake operation by applying the brake lever.

Kymco service manual pdf

Cam Chain Guide Tighten the cylinder base bolts. Pack a new bearing cavities with grease.

Check valve movement in the guide. Apply engine oil to the specified points. Check to see if there are any coolant leaks when the coolant level decrease very rapidly. Be careful not to damage the vacuum diaphragm.

Refer to page and for brake shoe replacement. Replace the alternator stator if resistance is out of specification, or if any wire has continuity to ground. Check the tip of the float valve, where it contacts the valve seat, for stepped wear or contamination. Check the element and replace it if it is excessively dirty or damaged.

Apply a thin coat of grease to the two ends of the armature shaft. Install the dowel pins and O-ring. Install the washers and tighten the oil cooler bolts to the specified torque. When operating the brake lever, the brake reservoir cap must be tightened securely to avoid spill of brake fluid. Secure the hose to prevent fluid from leaking out.

There should be continuity with the front or rear brake lever squeezed, and there should be no continuity with the front or rear brake lever is released. Charging System Inspection. Support the scooter on its main stand. Bolts Check the fan motor to operate using an available battery. Jack the motorcycle front wheel off the ground and be careful to prevent the motorcycle from falling down.

Install the oil pressure switch onto the crankcase, tighten it to the specified torque. Check the oil pressure indicator goes out after one or two seconds. Be careful not to drop foreign matters into the crankcase. The switch is normal if there is continuity.