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Technical review may be undertaken by an independent agency of environmental exports on the proposal project or in exceptional circumstances the decision maker. If a projects is to be suspended on environmental grounds, alternative opinions that are environmentally sound must be provided to meet the country's developmental needs.

Lecture NotesLecture notes on Environmental Impact Assessment

Communication procedures and time tables. At earlier stages of decision making cycle process. This is especially true in relation to the implementation of international environmental conventions. Alternately this causes the environmental pollution and degradation.

Note of Environmental Impact AssessmentNote of Environmental Impact Assessment

Lecture Notes

The issue to be addressed here is how environmental damage can be avoided or reduced so as to ensure that development initiatives and their benefits are sustainable. In the last instance, the desire to satisfy basic social needs could very well override even basic environmental considerations. Rapid industrialization and up sourcing number of developmental project all over the country, the oxford history of ancient egypt pdf impact the massive environmental and social burden. Impact evaluation should be done whenever possible in quantitative terms and should include the working-out of potential mitigation measures.

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Add Add to Favourite Add to classroom. Transboundary impacts - requirements of notification, consultation and accommodation. The implementation process is not linear rather cyclic.

It needs feedback from lower to higher level. Scope of legal regulation. Expect problems and eat them for breakfast. Secondly, these development imperatives often circumscribe the limits of resources available for environmental protection. But increasing the developmental projects like urbanization, infrastructure and industrialization change the life-style of people.

Cost-benefit analysis should include environmental impacts where these can be evaluated in monetary terms see Economic Analysis section. Note of Environmental Impact Assessment. Assessment involves combining environmental losses and gains with economic costs and benefits to procedure a complete account to each project alternative. An independent arbitrator or a special body could be provided for to hear objections and make decisions with reasonable dispatch.

Note of Environmental Impact Assessment

Decision-making begins when the working document reaches the decision maker, who will either accept one of the project alternatives, request further study or reject the proposed action altogether. In the first instance, the imperatives of rapid social and economic development could influence the political will to initiate, implement and enforce appropriate environmental policies and laws. India is on the expressway to development.

So avoid the impact and violation of laws and regulation with public participation. Home Material By Manas Asha. Often, many years pass before provisions are established in laws for the implementation and application of the provisions of international agreements. Hari Srinivas - hsrinivas gdrc.

Lecture notes on environmental impact assessment pdf

Share it with your friends. This should be undertaken as soon as a project has been identified. Such a requirement in the context of transboundary impacts has also been incorporated in several regional agreements, e.

So increase the possibility of project acceptance. It might also be remembered that environmental management in many countries, especially the developing countries, is achieved not only through environmental legislation, i.

Note of Environmental Impact Assessment

Appeals from decisions of authorized bodies - administrative, quasi-judicial and judicial. Which are setups at considerable environmental cost. Baseline study entails the collection of detailed information and data on the condition of the project area prior to the project's implementation. It base upon the information collected.

Impact identification involves a broad analysis of the impacts of project activities with a view to identifying those which are worthy of a detailed study. It decides the category of project like size of project, sensitiveness of the project and sensitive area location aspect.

Lecture notes on Environmental Impact Assessment