Making Yourself Indispensable Pdf

Peter Drucker and other leadership thinkers have long argued that leaders should focus on strengthening their strengths. You could create your own feedback form and ask people to return it anonymously. We are convinced that the problem is less a matter of conviction than of execution.

Making Yourself Indispensable

Making yourself indispensable pdf

Strengths can arguably be identified in a variety of ways. It's easy to become so focused on the finish line that you fail to enjoy the journey. Focus on inclusion and collaboration. The process is straightforward, but complements are not always obvious. So it is with leadership competencies.

Do it with openness and effectiveness and a willing heart and mind, and it will make you invaluable. It allows people to use the linear improvement techniques they know and understand to produce a nonlinear result.

What makes leaders indispensable to their organizations, our data unmistakably show, is not being good at many things but being uniquely outstanding at a few things. Often executives complain to us that there are not enough good leaders in their organizations. As far as Tom could tell, nothing. Practice problem solving more intently? Tom also started to pay more attention not just to how he was communicating but to what he was saying.

Making Yourself Indispensable

Feeling indispensable to your organization is a great combination of exhilaration and security. Once a few of their strengths have reached the level of outstanding, leaders become indispensable to their organizations despite the weaknesses they may have.

Should he think more strategically? But choices between good and good cause us to deliberate and second-guess. Strong communicators speak concisely and deliver effective presentations. Do what you say you will do.

Having settled on a competency companion, Tom could now work at directly improving his basic skills in that area. He could practice with friends and family, in his church or his community. Tom was at or above the norm in every area, strong not only in delivering results but also in problem solving, strategic thinking, and inspiring others to top performance. Connect with Joe at twitter.

Ideally, this comes from a formal, confidential degree evaluation. You can make measurable progress by honing and practicing basic techniques. Combining diet with exercise, for example, has long been known to be substantially more effective in losing weight than either diet or exercise alone. Remember, the people who go around saying they're indispensable never really are.

Making yourself indispensable pdf

The Interaction Effect

They can translate terms used by people in different functions. Choices between good and bad are easy. Tom found that before he could even begin, he had to change his approach to e-mail, because he was in the habit of constantly checking and replying to it throughout the day.

Never engage in blame-placing. The colleague suggested among other things that because writing was not a strong point, Tom should practice communicating more in person or over the phone.

He could videotape himself making speeches or join a local Toastmasters club. Dedicate yourself to high standards. Do everything you can to make more of yourself. Bring your best to everything you do, drops in the bucket math level c pdf and constantly raise the bar for yourself. People who are indispensable usually expand their role by going beyond their scope.

Making yourself indispensable pdf

Do what you say you will do and sometimes do more. People who excel at motivating others are good at persuading them to take action and to go the extra mile. Many people cite examples like these to argue against the wisdom of improving your leadership effectiveness by strengthening your strengths. You should choose a companion behavior that, like a good strength, is important to the organization and makes you feel enthusiastic about tackling it.

In other words, the difference between being in the bottom third of leaders and being almost in the top third is a single extraordinary strength. The strength you focus on should be both important to the organization and important to you. But it always begins with you. October Issue Explore the Archive. Raising just one competency to the level of outstanding can up your overall leadership effectiveness ranking from the bottom third to almost the top third.

There's no surer way to gain respect then to acknowledge and appreciate those around you. Less obvious to him, and perhaps more gratifying, were his relatively high marks in developing strategic perspective and inspiring and motivating others. But the data from our decades of work with tens of thousands of executives all over the world has shown us that developing strengths is very different. He was stunned, then, when a colleague with less experience got the job. He could volunteer to make presentations to senior management or ask colleagues to critique some of his memos and e-mails.

It may not matter which competency Tom selected, since enhancing any one of them would markedly improve his leadership effectiveness. Choose five competencies in each of the three categories. Become even more inspiring? People who have many strengths should consider how they are distributed across those categories and focus improvement efforts on an underrepresented one. But a leader with high integrity is most likely already doing those things.

Making yourself indispensable pdfMaking yourself indispensable pdf