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The examples are based on cabinet and mold base projects. You can use the preview button to see how your toolbar exits before closing the border bar.

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The geometry should look as shown. The surface is used to create an angle surface, a tapered wall, or cones and cylinders. To see the part from an Isometric view right mouse click in the graphics window and select Isometric as shown.

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Select the Backplot tab and have the following settings enabled as shown. Display options allow you to set the stock as Wireframe and to fit the stock to the screen. Repeat the step if you would like to unshade the surfaces.

The student should examine the drawing on the following page to understand what part is being created in this tutorial. For the purpose of this tutorial, information technology company profile sample pdf we will be using the Mill Default.

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You can reselect the drive surfaces and boundaries required by the toolpath. Our mission is to have the users achieve their goals by providing outstanding support and knowledge on the latest machining strategies. Select the Home tab and make sure that you have the following settings on as shown. Click on the Step Forward to see the tool moving one step at a time. Feed plane sets the height the tool rapids before changing to the plunge rate.

Select the Apply button to stay within the command. To go back to Mastercam you can either close this window or use the Taskbar and select Mastercam window. Use Along to draw arc for curved surface.

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An introduction to Mastercam Lathe. Draft surfaces are surfaces generated by extruding one or more contours along a line defined by an angle and a length. To fit the workpiece to the screen, right mouse click in the graphics window again and select Fit. The part should look as shown after several steps. The edge of a surface can not be selected or used for any geometry creation or toolpath creation.

The feeds and spindle speed are based on the tool definition. Remember that the stock is not geometry and thus can not be selected.

Select the Apply button to stay within the Draft Surface dialog box. The cut tolerance determines the accuracy of the surface toolpath using chordal deviation. Provides an introduction to Mastercam Wire workflow and best practices. Change the Graphic view to Isometric.

Explore the Multiaxis interface while creating basic Curve and Drill Multiaxis toolpaths. Stepover percentage sets the distance between cutting passes in the X and Y axes as a percentage of the tool diameter or the tool flat.

Tutorials available

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You can adjust the speed of the backplot. Create geometry and loft surfaces, then surfaces to solid. Mastercam will automatically insert fillets at all four corners with the radius to be the default value or the last value used during this Mastercam session.

Select the rectangle as shown. Strong formatting is now included without additional charges, bringing the range of powerful sources and preparation tools as part of your normal package.

The Surface Hybrid now supports a different processing, making Hybrid more intelligent and successful. If you delete or undo a step by mistake, just use the Redo icon. Create Curve on One Edge command allows you to create a curve on a single surface edge. You do not need to create the surface at this time. Drive surfaces are surfaces that are currently machined.

Minimize Mastercam Simulator window to go back to Mastercam window. To go back to Mastercam you can either close this window or use the Taskbar and select the Mastercam window. Mastercam Machine Simulation Provides an overview of workflow and benefits of Mastercam machine simulation. This tutorial takes approximately two hours to complete.