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In other words you've got what you paid for. As you can guess I am very frustrated and have not nice things to say about the Toshiba brand. Are there any engineers reading this who can post further feedback, separately excited dc motor pdf if so it would be great. Ordered a y sus board on tue and it's going to be here today. It would put a block of characters on the screen that made no sense until I would unplug it and and restart it.

This boards components seem to overheat and burn out pop. Never buy there crap again. If you are interested, shoot me an email at mac injury-lawyer-tn. On my Y-Sustain board I've felt the two large heat sinks while powered up and one is much hotter than the other.

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Zenith 50 Inch Plasma loud pop then Black Screen

Apparently the reason they never heard of the problem is because they don't speak to one another. Here's an image after fixing it. These include picture degradation, shutting down at random, screen lines, color degradation and others. If anyone has a techique for trouble shooting the problem before spending money would be greatly appreciated.

Even if they did, it is still a defect that should be addressed. Hi Joy, either one of those parts will work ok, this is because they are the same parts. We ordered the y-sustain board from dm. So what remedy should I try first?

Look forward to hearing from you! It was only turned on one time when the pop occured. Yesterday i brought my meter and scope home from work.

The common problem here is the Y-Sustain board. From their previous price. So, I sent it and got it back in a week. We paid to have the television this second time but we just had our third issue with the tv. And not only does that lead us to believe that the plasma television is shoddy, but also the entire Toshiba brand.

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The picture is back and it looks great! You'd be just going in circles moving from one company to another.

The television came down from the wall mount and all the components were disconnected. At this point I really did not want to repair this television as I did not have a good feeling about its reliability. Voltages ck good going in and coming out Ysus. The plasma television product is shoddy and Toshiba stopped producing it. Consumers buy large screen televisions because they enjoy watching television shows and movies.

Ultimately both will fail though, with or without fans. That day came a few weeks ago. Zenith lg etc Must both xsus and zsus be replaced at same time.

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Football season is coming and its going to cost me a few hundred dollars! This is, of course, not true. So for not much more than the cost of two modules, I get a rebuilt, tested board. We systematically applied solutions such as switching cable locations, using different cables, trying a variety of power supplies basic strips to battery backup and nothing seemed to help.

Called Zenith and was told it was out of warranty. Maybe I'll just go back to an old tube set. Where can I find info on voltages to test? Great picture, Great price! If anyone has a picture of the power supply board with the connector shown, or knows the connector number, I would greatly appreciate it.

It'll take time but we've had similar issues in the past that were resolved this way. Do a Google search for problems with plasma televisions or problems with these boards and your search results will light up with hits!

The more people that jump on board, the more damage that can be done to these crooks and you can get some restitution too. To top it off when I pulled them up online they have a terrible review. He says he has absolutely never heard of this issue, and that Dave Thompson is just a supervisor who is actually lower on the food chain than he is. Don't risk e-bay or some other place. The opening for the fans were cut with a jigsaw and hammered flat.

You can test it by using a multimeter and applying it to the bottom pins of the board. They sold a crap product when I bought it, BestBuy was the only major distributor around that sold it, and it mysteriously vanished from their shelves a month later. Please insert your own expletives here. Othewise the tv is still kick'n strong and the heat buildup is minimal. So all five of the products I listed are the same thing?

Witht he volume of the pop one would think you could see a swolen capacitor or if this is the copper coils are at fault them blown apart. Can you explain the ribbon cable scenario to me and how I can check it? You resort to watching the remaining portion of the program on a thirteen inch television that has not given you one problem in fifteen years. These circuit boards are akin to the vertical and horizontal deflection circuits of older televisions and are at the heart of creating a picture on the screen. Yeah, I'm proud of my very simple repair.

So could I have the same problem with my plasma? Check input into power board is voltage coming in from the wall? Be careful buying from a used dealer or someone not as big as Discount-Merchant is on parts. Question do i have anouther bad board?

Zenith 50 Inch Plasma loud pop then Black Screen