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Additional equipment is required to implement this option. Secure Your Telephone Secure your telephone Secure your telephone You can lock your telephone with a password to prevent unauthorized use of your telephone. Press the Forward Key again. The Ring Again feature lets you know when the person you dialed is available or has used their telephone. Press the Key to go to the top of the new calls list.

Adjust Screen Contrast Options List Adjust Screen contrast The Screen contrast option allows you to adjust the contrast of the display on your telephone. After you select Ring type.

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This document describes the M, M, and M features and how to use them. Enter Press the Done Key to save changes. Choose Ring Type Options List Choose Ring type The Ring type option allows you to choose from among the various ringing sounds available for your telephone model.

Nortel Meridian M Manuals

The cursor automatically advances to the next position, if a different-from-last key is pressed, or after a short pause. The Personal Directory allows you to add, delete, search, and edit entries and can be password protected.

Press the Key if you want to delete all the entries in your Personal Directory. Press the Key located on Handsfree the left side of the handset. Press the Key to save changes. Use the Keys to highlight Navigation the entry you want to edit or delete. You can activate Call Log to record all calls, record only the unanswered calls, or record no incoming calls.

For more information please contact your Nortel Networks distributor. Nortel Meridian M User Manual pages.

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Use the Case Key to change the case Case of the letter, html to pdf php library as needed. Press the Key or Key to exit. After you select Language. The M also has four Soft Keys self-labeled with up to three features programmed on each key. Press the Dial Pad Key that is printed with the first letter in your new label.

Contact your telephone network administrator to determine the maximum number of people your system allows on a conference call, and how to enable this feature. This makes it easier to identify local calls and internal calls. Group Listening must be enabled by your network administrator.

Nortel Meridian M3902 Manuals

Press the Key, if you want to put Hold Hold the second call on hold. Forward Forward Dial the new forward number. The Personal Directory holds up to entries an entry is one name and one telephone number. Set Up A Conference Call Additional call features Set up a Conference call You can set up a conference call for three or six people including yourself. On the M, you can copy these numbers to your Personal Directory.

This feature must be enabled by your network administrator. This section describes the features available for your telephone and how to use them.


Press the Key to copy the Next Next incoming call without editing the name. Use the Keys to highlight Navigation the desired language e. Use the dial pad to enter the first letter of the name your are seeking. The network administrator must enable this feature. The feature notifies you when to redial your party.

Nortel M3901 User Manual

Use the Keys to scroll Navigation through the list of ring types. Press the Key to go to the top of the old calls list. Press the key until the correct character appears. Enterprise Voice Solutions Customer Documentation.

Nortel Meridian M Manuals