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Moving scenes within a playlist It is possible to change the sequence of scenes in the playlist by moving them to another position. With A Printer pictbridge With a printer PictBridge With other products To print pictures by directly connecting this unit to the printer, use a printer compatible with PictBridge. When you stop the playback, the confirmation message appears. Usable capacity will be less.

Panasonic SDR-H40 Manuals

Optional Accessories Optional accessories Accessory No. Recording starts but stops immediately. Features Features Extended recording! Recording does not start although power is supplied to this unit. Adjust it when recording fast-moving subjects.

Motion Picture Playback Motion picture playback Playback Rotate the mode dial to select Select the playback medium by the menu. This unit is turned off automatically. Playing Back A Playlist Playing back motion pictures by date Scenes recorded on the same day can be played back in succession. Scene Mode Scene mode When you record images in different situations, this mode automatically sets optimum shutter speeds and apertures.

The operation arbitrarily stops. Using Playlists Using playlists Editing You can create a playlist by gathering your favorite recorded scenes. It may take time until the unit can be used.

Select the submenu item, then move the joystick right or press the joystick. Your camera and power supply should not be exposed to rain or moisture.

About the battery The battery used in this unit is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Recording advanced Recording functions of Recording Advanced operation icons Set the recording functions by selecting the operation icons to add different effects to the recorded images. While pressing the lock release button, set the mode dial to to turn on the power. Hdd Handling To dispose of this unit, the physical destruction is recommended.

Editing scenes on a playlist will not affect the original scenes. Do not connect the power supply or operate your camera if it gets wet. It is possible to write only scenes that are added after copying or delete the copied scenes as a group. You have purchased one of the most sophisticated and reliable products on the market today. Accessories Accessories Check the accessories before using this unit.

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Insert the battery on the battery charger by aligning the arrows. This unit does not operate normally. Adjust it when the screen is too bright or too dark.

However, please be aware that if a medium is formatted, then all the data on the medium will be erased. Connect this unit to a printer. Adjusting the brightness and color level Select the menu.

Select the recording destination by the menu. Select the desired top menu, then move the joystick right or press the joystick. If Licensee does not agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, promptly return the Software to Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. However, this is not a malfunction and does not affect the recorded picture.

Select menus with the following procedures. Battery runs down quickly. Please take time to fill in the information on the right. Insert the battery into the battery charger by aligning the arrows.

Explanation Of Terms Explanation of terms Automatic white balance White balance adjustment recognizes the color of light and adjusts so the white color will become a purer white. The playback images are squeezed horizontally.

Panasonic SDR-H40P/PC Operating Instructions Manual

Setting Date And Time Setting date and time Setup When the unit is turned on for the first time, a message asking you to set the date and time will appear. Read the operating instructions for the printer. Sound is not played back from the built-in speaker of this unit.

Operating Instructions

Manual Focus Adjustment Manual focus adjustment If auto focusing is difficult due to the conditions, acatistul domnului nostru iisus hristos pdf then use manual focus. Select the manual focus mode. Frequently Asked Questions Frequently asked questions Helpful hints What kind of cards can be used on this unit?

Editing A Playlist Select the scene to be added to the playlist, then press the joystick. Page Problem A function indication such as the remaining time indication or the elapsed time indication is not shown. This unit does not stay on long enough. The table below shows examples of functions restricted by various conditions.

Follow the safety instructions on the unit and the applicable safety instructions listed below. The playback picture breaks up for a moment.

The unit determines the hue of light that comes through the lens and white balance sensor, thereby judging the recording condition, and selects the closest hue setting. Failure to do so will delay your repair. Keep these operating instructions handy for future reference. If you do not have authorization to do this, consult your manager. The menu displayed differs depending on the position of the mode dial.


Select the playback date, then press the joystick. Editing a playlist Editing scenes on a playlist will not affect the original scenes. Still Picture Playback Still picture playback Playback Rotate the mode dial to select Select the playback medium by the menu. Language Selection Language selection You can select the language displayed on the screen. Before connecting, operating or adjusting this product, please read the instructions completely.