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Some of the queries include improving Alexa rank, speed up WordPress blog and many more. There are different types of search engines. Google Search Engine is the best search engine in the world. About eCloudBuzz is a website mainly focused on computer-related technology.

This private search engine uses local encryption to secure your searches. For creating this list, we have taken data from Wikipedia, Netmarketshare, and Alexa. The aim of Google is to provide useful and most relevant search results to the users. Most of our queries are related to our niche.

Are you affiliated with Debenu? Even I was unaware of it before got to know while researching this topic.

WolframAlpha is the computational search engine which does not give the list of documents or web pages as search results. Major desktop search product along with Copernic Desktop Search. However, there are now many smaller players in the search game that are growing rapidly. So, thought I will share the info. You can sort, filter pdf files based on title, pages etc using this shell extenion Debenu.

So you want to know about top best search engines in the world. Now I will now give an example which will show the usage of the search engine has drastically increased. Private search engines have seen huge growth over the past few years. This article from has performance numbers, axioms of set theory pdf but they may not apply to current versions of the filters.

Local info including business listing, current traffic information, restaurant review, and other information are also provided by Bing. It is also the most popular search engine in the world.

With sites like Facebook and Google drastically improving their tracking capabilities, your data is becoming more spread out across the web. For a topical guide to this subject, see Outline of search engines. Some of these are the crawler-based search engine, metasearch engine, Hybrid search engine etc.

WolframAlpha will provide you the answer after a knowledge base of curated structured data. It was started back in as Control Video Corporation.

Here you can get the answers to your question and it integrates a large amount of archive data to answer your question. Yippy has an additional feature that automatically categorizes query results. In order to generate search results, they have partnered with Yahoo, Bing, and Yummly.

Not answering this old question, but I found DocFetcher useful. Gibiru sources its search results from a modified Google algorithm. It supports the search for images, videos, local, shopping, audio, directory, news and more. Open Source semantic desktop search tool for Linux. Practice safe searches and use a private search engine.

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Web Search Engines have now become a part of our daily life. Which is the best private search engine? Semantic Search Engine no longer available. List of search engines by popularity.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. You will also know about which is the most popular search engine. However, after they realized the massive risk associated with storing so much data, they decided to take a different approach. It also provides instant answers for sports, finance, mathematical calculations, flight tracking and more. Lycos is an old search engine which has a good reputation in the search engine industry.

Desktop search engines listed on a light purple background are no longer in active development. It was launched in and based on Mathematica. So these are the best and most popular web search engines in the world. Yandex is the most used search engine in Russia. Integrates with the main Google search engine page.

Every person know within a click of the button we can get immense information about a single query. After that, you can search them with auto-complete search.

Did Windows finish indexing? There will be no advertisements while searching in this search engine.


Users need to submit queries and computation requests via a text field. Do you want to know what is the best search engine other than Google?