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Sansa Fuze User Manual PDF

The interface can also be navigated for the most part by simply tapping on the end points of the markings on the device, much like ends of a compass East, West, North, South. Turn the wheel clockwise to scroll down through menu items or to increase the volume during playback.

Allows users to store data on the internal memory. Use the thumbwheel to select Shuffle On or Off. Hold Function All the function keys will be disabled once Hold is engaged by sliding the Power switch down until an orange bar appears.

How do I power reset my Sansa Fuze media player? Recording Voice Recording The Sansa Fuze media player has a built-in microphone allowing you to record your own voice, an interview, or other speech. Read this entire manual to ensure proper usage. Motorola - Electrify - User - Manual. User manual pdf - Orbit Micro.

Select Music from the Main Menu. Scroll to the right and select Audiobooks. Select Yes to start formatting. Press-and-hold the Select button to add current photo to the Photo Go List. Make sure Music is selected then click Add to Library.

All the buttons on the player will not operate when Hold is active. Click Apply after you have completed editing. Use of your media player, in compliance with all copyright and applicable intellectual property laws, remains the responsibility of the user of the product. This Agreement contains the entire understanding between the parties with respect to your use of the Software.

Slide your finger or tap up or down on the touchpad to select desired frequency. Thumbwheel The thumbwheel is used to navigate the player as well as control the volume and rate tracks. For more information on this product, please visit. From the main menu, select Podcast.

However, the device will take a very, very long recording and break it into individual files of approximately two hours in length. For Home and Personal Use This product is intended to be used for recording and playback for your home and personal enjoyment. Upon termination of this Agreement, you must delete or destroy all copies of the Software.

Background Settings Scroll through the options and decide to leave the equalizer on Normal or find a custom genre. Use thumbwheel to highlight the color you like then press the Select button. Locate the folder where your files are stored.

Important Safety Instructions Your media player is equipped with a variety of features. Basic Usage Power Switch The power switch is used to turn the player on or off as well as resetting it. Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions, and thus is not available for data storage. Use thumbwheel to adjust the Brightness level.

SanDisk is not responsible for any failure or defect caused by any third party product or component, whether authorized or not. To pause the recording, select Pause. Turn the wheel counterclockwise to scroll up through menu items or decrease the volume during playback.

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In addition, users can turn off the player while playing the audiobook file and it will resume to the part where they left off. Remember me Forgot password? Backlight After idling for predefined seconds, the player will trigger the timer automatically and cease the backlight. Use thumbwheel to highlight Yes then press the Select button.

Sandisk Sansa Sansa Fuze 8GB User Manual

When locked, all controls are disabled to prevent accidental activation of controls. Highlight and select the desired track to play. Auto Detect is selected by default. Use thumbwheel to switch between On enable and Off disable.

To ensure your Sansa Fuze media player has the latest firmware, counters in digital electronics pdf please visit our Knowledgebase. Refer to the Sansa Media Converter software to view what file formats are supported. Supports photo files converted and transferred to the player through the Sansa Media Converter software.

This software will convert your video and photo files then transfer them to the player. Press Submenu button while listening. The converted files are stored in My Album by default. The music should continue to play even if the device is locked.

The battery level indicator will blink while charging. Use the touchpad to highlight and select the photo you want to view.

Disconnecting the player from the computer while data are being transferred may damage the player. Select Add to Photo Go List. The Blue Ring will light up and the Main Menu will appear after it has been booted up. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data.