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Type of operation Rotating bearing Non-rotating Requirements regarding quiet running bearing unimportant normal high. The product section is divided into chapters by product type.

Appropriate housing seal selection will depend skf plummer block bearing housing catalogue the operating conditions. There are also bearings which are not in- cluded in this catalogue.

Each product chapter is clearly marked by cut tabs with an easily identifiable icon. The sliding friction coefficient can be cal- culated with the following equation. Then the roller bearing related constant can be obtained from. The steel grade and the manufac- for particular applications. However, should information shaft and housing are considered as resilient not be available, the following values can be components of a system.

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In practice metal fatigue is most application. Sia, Sea Side face runout of assembled bearing inner ring and assembled bearing outer ring, respectively.

Steel cages can be used at the operating conditions and life require- operating temperatures up to C. They have example, the stiffness of an arrangement low friction and can be produced with high incorporating angular contact ball bearings precision and in quiet running variants. In case of where severe contamination, i. Which reference speed can be expected? Material Bearing Bearing grade properties steel silicon nitride.

Furthermore, in applications where contact fatigue. The Width Series for radial bearings heading Dimensions in the introductory corresponds to the Height Series for thrust texts to the individual product sections. The excellent running properties of polymer cages under lubricant starvation conditions permit continued op- eration of the bearing for a time without risk of seizure and secondary damage. The factor c for contamination level thus becomes. It stands for the and new products.


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It contains several calculation tools and uses theory from this General Catalogue and some basic mechanical engineering equations. Deep groove ball bearings. If non-separable bearings, e. In all these cases, the permissible load for a bearing is determined not by material fatigue but by the amount of permanent de- formation to the raceway caused by the load. Double row bear- are required for arrangements that must ings, hp laserjet p3015dn printer specification pdf e.

Both controlled downsizing, and to recognise the static and dynamic bearing load conditions influence of lubrication and contamination have to be independently verified. Minimum Inner ring Outer ring single Nominal Maximum chamfer Nominal Maximum chamfer chamfer bearing bore dimensions bearing outside dimensions dimension diameter diameter. Determination of c when the contamination An indication of the strong effect of contam- level is known ination on fatigue life can be obtained from the following example. Note that safety factor and its calculation can be individual bearing life can only be predicted found in the section Selecting bearing size statistically.


For grease lubrication c can also be determined in a similar way, although the contamination may be difficult to measure and is therefore defined in a simple, qualitative manner. The type of good and their gas permeability is very slight.


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This generates a displace- ment in the direction of the load. Bearing type Rolling friction variables Sliding friction variables Grr Gsl. In the presence of media esters, ethers, ketones, certain amines and hot anhydrous hydrofluorides fluoro rubbers most mineral oils and greases with a should not be used. Generally this deformation is very small and can be neglected.

Shim kits for accurate machinery alignment Using the same shim size to align all machines can be risky. Local damage Due to mishandling or incorrect mounting, small sections on the raceways and rolling elements can be damaged. Flanged housings pljmmer a solution for applications that do not have a frame parallel to the shaft. Basic units Conversion factor Millions of Operating Kilometres Millions of revolutions hours travelled oscillation cycles. The higher Number of particles per millilitre oil Scale the value, the more efficient the filter is for over incl.

Tolerances for inch-size taper the various product table sections under the roller bearings heading Tolerances. Assuming that the operating condi- tions e. Their operating temperature mechatronics and electronics. Moment load Precision When a load acts eccentrically on a bearing, Bearings with higher precision than Normal a tilting moment will occur.

Planning for sustainable growth By their very nature, bearings make a positive contribution to the natural environment. Bearing searches are avail- arrangements.

The values of this factor for a bearing type or for individual bearings will be found in the intro- ductory text of the product table sections, or in the actual product tables. Standard bearings are bearings that normally have standardized dimensions, whereas special bearings have special dimensions dictated by customer demands.

The friction in a rolling bearing is the deter- mining factor where heat generation in the Estimation of the bearing is concerned and consequently for the operating temperature. The load spectrum should include metal fatigue of the rolling contact surfaces. More inhaled, as well as to the eyes. The reference speed for a given bearing These include, for example, bearings with represents the speed, under specified oper- contact seals. Where operating and internal clearance.