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Your civilians must understand these technical data banks contain all the knowledge presently known within the United Federation of Planets from all of the Member planets. Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets Arms. Federation Class Starships. After you have your actions set up the way you want them, you can click a checkbox that locks your action bars to prevent your abilities from being moved around or from accidental removal altogether.

Starfleet Officer Requirements Vol. On the screen in either mode are controls for actions that your character can perform.

Two manual creators moved from making blueprints to helping shape the look of the shows themselves. Star Fleet Uniform Recognition Manual. Deep Space Nine Technical Manual. Remember, when purchasing a new ship, set the bridge officers! Transporter Controls Console.

Guide Basics - Official Star Trek Online Wiki

Guide Basics - Official Star Trek Online Wiki

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Dreadnought Class Ship Listing. The Next Generation Technical Manual. During some missions there will be options that are corresponding to your path.

Akyazi-class perimeter action ships. Orchestral Model Musical Instrument.

There are both space and ground abilities. Also you might try to remember to keep them as trained and as promoted as possible to increase their additional abilities. Star Fleet Operating Forces. To move a control, drag it with the right mouse button from where it currently resides to your required location. Star Fleet Technical Manual Mr.

Guide Basics

Reischl's Guide to Ships of the Fleet. The initial play setup gives you a row of icons below your main ability section, showing the face and abilities of each of your bridge officers. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. This article does not cite any sources.

Star Fleet Historical Archives. Todd Guenther and Michael Morrissette.

In other languages Deutsch. Standard Field Equipment Item. Each career path has a certain focus and can perform one or more group roles. Male Non-Computerized Fabrication. These allow you to set up your own configurations and scroll between available controls.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Additionally and independently from your military rank you can gain commendation ranks as part of the Duty officer system. Class I Starships - External Arrangement. Picking your race or choosing to create your own custom race automatically means picking one specific non-customizable racial trait or creating one for your custom alien. The Ships of the Fifth Fleet.

List of Star Trek technical manuals

For details on out-of-universe reference books see List of Star Trek reference books. Star Trek spin-off fiction The Klingon Hamlet. From Star Trek Online Wiki.

Ships of the Star Fleet, mcts 70 515 pdf Vol One. Schematic Diagram - Class I Starships. Starfleet Dynamics Second Version.

It does not give the total classification system, nor does it indicate whether or not such subject matter is available. Every player, regardless of the career path, can access any skill. Rick Sternbach and Michael Okuda.

Line Officer Requirements Supplement. Before character creation, you must choose a playable faction. Thus a Section Index shows whether or not a particular Manual contains the correct issues. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise. The game has a funny habit of moving your controls around, especially when you gain new abilities, even as far as new weapons!

Mission to Horatius Spock Must Die! We have reviewed copies of this version as printed by you, and wish to assure you and the others that these copies are precisely correct and complete as authorized. Abilities are the actions that you and your bridge officers can take in combat.

Star Fleet Printing Office. Transport Tug Class Ship Listing. Constitution Class Starships.

United Federation of Planets Banner. This can be within or across action bar rows see above.

Training Manual

Search this site powered by FreeFind. Stan and Fred Goldstein, illustrated by Rick Sternbach. Starfleet Hand Weapon Familiarization Handbook. In the Terran version, the General Index summarizes the subject area groupings by Technical Order number blocks as a part of the total system of classification.

Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets Pennant. Regulation Tournament Board. Other Technical Order numbers which are missing do not appear by reason of the prohibition of the Prime Directive, or they have not been approved for release at this time. While the space role is mostly tied to the ship, each class has a set of special abilities that slightly move it to one or the other role in combat.

Weapons and Field Equipment Technical Manual. From the Files of Star Fleet Command. No publisher or date listed. Please Note The following key mappings are true for the Windows English keyboard layout.