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When the surge impedance of the line has terminated the power delivered by it is called surge impedance loading. These capacitors also helps in reducing the line drops and so voltage variations. This improves the system stability limit. Now if we take the balance of the two reactive powers we arrive at the following equation. Surge impedance load is the ideal load because the current and voltage are uniform along the line.

Surge Impedance Loading

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This quantity having the dimensions of resistance is the Surge Impedance. Audio Visual Hire Company. Transmission lines also utilize reactive power to support their magnetic fields. The article is very nice and self-explanatory.

Surge Impedance Loading is a very essential parameter when it comes to the study of power systems as it is used in the prediction of maximum loading capacity of transmission lines. And it is calculated by the formula given below.

The first one is the positive exponential part representing a wave travelling towards receiving end and is hence called the incident wave. However, we can extend the concept to the power transferred across a transmission line. Capacitance and reactance are the main parameters of the transmission line. When the line is charged, the capacitance component feeds reactive power to the line while the inductance component absorbs the reactive power.

It appears to the source that the line has no end because it receives no reflected wave. Populares em Entertainment General. By use of the series capacitors surge impedance Z o and the phase shift get reduced due to decrease in the line inductance L. The wave of current and voltage is also in phase because the reactive power consumed are equal to the reactive power generated by the transmission line.


Hence, such an impedance which renders the line as infinite line is known as surge impedance. Documentos semelhantes a Surge Impedance Loading. We observe that the instantaneous voltage consists of two terms each of which is a function of time and distance. Surge impedance loading is also defined as the power load in which the total reactive power of the lines becomes zero.

Surge impedance loading depends on the voltage of the transmission line. When the line is terminated by surge impedance the receiving end voltage is equal to the sending end voltage and this case is called flat voltage profile. The load at which the inductive and capacitive reactive volt-amperes are equal and opposite, such load is called surge impedance load. The following figure shows the voltage profile for different loading cases. In surge impedance loading, the end of power moises naim pdf the voltage and current are in the same phase at all the point of the line.

Such a line is termed as infinite line. The concept of a surge impedance is more readily applied to telecommunication systems than to power systems. Circuit Globe All about Electrical and Electronics. The reactive power generated by the shunt capacitance is consumed by the series inductance of the line.

Yusrina Pradipta Andityarini. The same is true for current waves also. But this method causes difficulty under short circuit conditions of system as capacitors will get damage. Earth conduction effects in systems of overhead and.

The series inductance of the line consumes the electrical energy when the sending and receiving end terminals are closed. Voltage transmission capability is increased day by day, this is the most commonly adopted method for increasing the power limit of the heavily loaded transmission line. It can be defined in two ways one a simpler one and other a bit rigorous. This is defined as the load of unity power factor that can be delivered by the line of negligible resistance. The transmission line generates capacitive reactive volt-amperes in its shunt capacitance and absorbing reactive volt-amperes in its series inductance.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. While the other part with negative exponential represents the reflected wave. Transmission lines produce reactive power Mvar due to their natural capacitance. But there is a limit beyond which is neither economical nor practical to increase the receiving end line voltage.

Practically surge impedance loading always less than the maximum loading capacity of the line. It is also called natural load of the transmission line because power is not dissipated in transmission. It is distributed uniformly along the line. Electronic Instrumentation.

Shunt capacitance charges the transmission line when the circuit breaker at the sending end of the line is close. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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When the voltage drops occur in transmission line due to inductance, it is compensated by the capacitance of the transmission line. Your email address will not be published. Parallel Operation of Alternators. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Thus they represent two travelling waves.

It follows then that the amount of Mvar used by a transmission line is a function of the current flow and inductive reactance. Nizam Institute of Engineering and Technology Library. The value of surge impedance will be the same at all the points on the line and hence the voltage.

These parameters are also called distributed parameters. Under natural load, the reactive power becomes terminated, and the load becomes purely resistive.

Surge Impedance Loading