Survey Lab Manual Pdf Free


Survey lab manual pdf freeSurvey lab manual pdf free

To identify different parts of prismatic compass and to know their functions. Prismatic compass, Tripod, Ranging rods, etc. Setup the theodolite at C and level it accurately. Temporary adjustments are to be made at each setup of the instrument. Setting up the compass observation of bearings.

What is the purpose of prismatic compass in surveying? Magnet is freely held with this. When the compass is leveled, the aluminum ring swings freely.

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Survey lab manual pdf free

To obtain accurate results of leveling. Setting up the theodolite over a station. Parallax can be eliminated in two steps.

Similarly, bisect successively C, D etc, thus closing the circle. To adjust the height of the prism so that the observations can be read clearly. Hold the staff vertically over the Benchmark, Observe the staff reading and write in the B. To find the difference in elevation between two points.

Screw the instrument firmly. The compass is used to mark the direction of the meridian on the paper. The bubble of level tube is brought to center in two directions, which are right angles to each other.

It is the axis about which the telescope can be rotated in a horizontal plane. By using algebraic formulae, we can calculate the area of the given land. Point the telescope to the sky or hold a piece of white paper in front of the telescope.

Study of dumpy level and leveling staff Temporary adjustments of dumpy level. The drawing sheet is fixed on the top of the drawing board. The lengths of meter in numerals are marked on the left and painted in black. Determining an height of object by measuring vertical angle.

Sight next station C observe F. Traversing with prismatic compass and chain calculation of included angles and check. Spread the tripod legs well apart. Done by means of plumb bob. Of Repetitions Mean Sec Min.

Water Proof cover protects the sheet from rain. It can be extended to measure the lengths of more than two chain lengths. Fix the third leg firmly when the bubbles are approximately in the centers of their run. Define the whole circle bearing?

Setup the instrument at station P. Change the face of the instrument and repeat the process. Define fore bearing and back bearing?

Place the alidade along ba and bisect A for doing orientation of plane table. State any four uses of a theodoite? Centering is checked by dropping a stone so that it falls on the top of the peg. Unless parallax is eliminated, accurate sighting is not possible.

After fixing the instrument sight the previous station A and observe the reading, which gives the B. The vertical axis will then be truly vertical.

It is an operation of bringing the face of the telescope from left to right and vice-versa. Perform all temporary adjustments. Read both the Verniers at each bisection. The sum of the areas of the three triangles is the area of the given field.

Plotting of perpendicular and oblique offsets. Prepare key plans for layout of plots. The length of the chain is measured from the outside of one handle to the outside of another handle. Set up the prismatic compass over station O and perform station adjustments.

Survey lab manual pdf free

To level the instrument the following operations have to be done. From the recorded measurements of the building area is plotted. Leveling is the process of making the compass exactly horizontal. If they differ by the plotting is correct. The above procedure will be repeated with the face right observation.

The mean of the two, readings gives the value of the required angle. This is used for precise leveling work.

If the face of the vertical circle is to the right side of the observation, then the observation of the angles taken is known as face right observation. What is meant by traverse?

Move the third leg to the right or left until the main bubble is approximately in the center. After fixing the points M and N, other points are also fixed by direct ranging and the length of the line is measured. It is usually arranged in three telescopic lengths. The be welled edge of the alidade is called the fiducially edge.

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