Suzuki Wagon R Owners Manual Pdf

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Check the coolant level in the reservoir. Your request has been successfully sent. Do not use the choke longer than necessary.

Should you find the number difficult to read, you will also find it on the identification plate. If you see or hear steam escaping from under the bonnet, immediately park the vehicle in a safe place and switch off the engine immediately. Rush hour or stop-and-go traffic can waste fuel excessively. Been looking for this all over the place. The car will be trouble free and completely safe for use.

Suzuki WagonR Manual

When you slam on the brakes, a lot of useful energy is wasted in the form of heat. What should I do when the car overheats? Need it for the part numbers as advaidt and trident dont know for a few parts i need from them like the oil preassure switch. Do not touch or open radiator cap when engine is hot.

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You may need an engine overhaul when you see one or more of the following indications- Excessive engine oil consumption. If it is below the low mark, check for leakage from the hose, water pump or radiator. There are other parameters to be checked too, such as engine compression pressure, engine vacuum etc.

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Periodic servicing Servicing of your vehicle must be carried out as specified in user's manual. Yes, it is imperative that you follow the regular periodic maintenance schedule as listed in the owner's manual, building permit form pdf especially if you have bought a used car. How important is preventive maintenance?

Keep the spare key in a safe place. When you stop your car, stop your engine Idling for an hour costs one litre of petrol - Always keep your car ready for starting quickly. This is the normal operating position. Clean air filters at every tune up for both petrol cars and diesel cars.

The fuel filter should be changed at intervals of kms for carburettor vehicles. Be conscious of not only your own safety but also the safety of others on the road, and thus enjoy the best and most comfortable driving experience.

For that, observe the following. The latch plate should then be if equipped refitted into the buckle and the belt tight- ened as previously described.

This is true especially for halogen headlight bulbs. Windscreen defroster outlet b.

Launder any clothing or rags if wet with oil. Do not touch air jack provided in your vehicle. Light, Registration Plate Light. When driving down a hill, do not switch off the engine.

Download the Owner s Manual (of Indian Cars) in PDF Format

Riding the clutch causes loss of energy and damages clutch lining. Batteries in this condition may explode or rupture if jump starting is attempted. Accessories such as the radio can oper- ate, but the engine is off.


The pretensioner tight- Suzuki workshop as soon as possible. Have both systems System air bags inspected by an authorised Maruti Suzuki if equipped workshop as soon as possible. Suzuki grand vitara automobile owner's manual pages. Can you post link for All New Honda City ownership manual. Owner's Manual Alto Petrol.

Thank you very much bluevolt! Apply the brakes far enough ahead of the stopping point to allow for the extra stopping dis- tance. All drivers must carry out daily pre-driving checks both inside the vehicle and outside. Page When replacing the bulb, make sure that the contact springs are holding the bulb securely.

Do not continue rocking the vehicle Never use different sizes or types for more than a few minutes. If you have bought a second hand car, you will have to do the maintenance check on a more frequent basis. These electric fans can If your engine overheats and you are automatically turn on without warn- unsure what to do, contact your nearest ing. Dry the transmitter and check it.

Use only maruti's genuine parts. Do not park in sun for too long. Tighten to specified torque.


Depress the clutch fully when changing gear. If you often wash your gent mixed with warm water. The cooling coil performs the function of evaporation of the refrigerant inside the coil. Once the steam is no longer heard or visible, open the bonnet and check the water pump belt for any slippage or damage. Any assemblies for excessive wear and seat belt assembly which was in use damage.