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Indira always kept her target in such a way that if she is not able to chase it then she equally give importance to other thing so that target seems to be achieved. She won the Bangladesh war and imposed the Emergency on the inf My dad once told me that he hated and loved Indira Gandhi to equal measure.

It was a violent end to a life of epic drama. Katherine Frank's biography is the closest and the most endearing account of her remarkably eventful life. As someone who intends to enter politics later in life, wardrobe designs catalogue pdf this book was extremely enlightening. Indira Gandhi too was a reluctant politician to begin with.

Open Preview See a Problem? She wanted to leave India and she had intensely contemplated buying a house in England.

This is exceedingly odd and remiss. As a highly observant and perceptive writer, Frank discovers many vantage points to look at Indira's several life and political decisions. Not that it is anything disappointing, or something. This is the book which we can read to understand the strength which Indira had, so that many people influence on her thoughts.

Indira The Life Of Indira Nehru Gandhi

She was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister. Her father, Jawarharlal Nehru, for instance, takes up a huge chunk of the book. Kamala Nehru Wife of Nehru was always unwell.

She won the Bangladesh war and imposed the Emergency on the influence of her infamous son Sanjay Gandhi. Indira grows up through all the tumults of the Indian freedom struggle and also through the storms and gales that engulf her personal life. With the freedom struggle playing out in the background Indira Gandhi's life was inextricably linked to the politics and destiny of her country.

With the result, she had to adopt strong and often unpopular measures to push her decisions through. Nothi A brilliant biography. Click to purchase from Amazon India Store.

Once I started reading the book I was hooked. It is the story of a girl for whom sacrifice and loss came early. Her early years as prime minister were beset with political and economic problems. She speaks facts as presented to her.

This work by Katherine Frank needs mention for keeping it authentic as well as engaging by mostly referring to the exchange of personal letters between Indira and her closed ones. Surrounded by men, it wasn't easy at all, governing the large, diverse, often riotous nation. Combating loneliness and giving up the things she loved for a bigger cause. And she wasn't the epitome of goodness either, but all those things simply proved how humane she truly was - even though the society taught us otherwise.

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Weaving personal, political and environmental history, politician-scholar Jairam Ramesh narrates the compelling story of Indira Gandhi, the naturalist. This message was very rashly worded and it required all the persuasive powers of Indira to detain him from dispatching the message.

This book is truly a fitting tribute to the towering figure that Indira was. She found comfort with a family friend, Feroze Gandhi, but their relationship was a controversial one due to his Parsi heritage. Unfortunately, for her, before she could finalize the deal, someone else had bought that house.

She was the most admirable person in her family. He stayed for a few days there and was a strict vegetarian. Are people happier or more alive to problems?

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Not only because of the huge mass of pages it has, but also because of the amount of time she would have probably spent in researching over her issues. So much for non-alignment! Despite these advancements, Gandhi was criticized for authoritarian tendencies and government corruption under her rule. Definitely worth reading, at least to know a person, a woman fighting all odds, who strode over India's political, economic, social and cultural landscape with a telling impact.

In my search to find what book should I read, I found this book in my local library. Rightly stated as a life of epic drama, there were moments when I fell in complete awe immediately followed by moments of extreme repulsion.

Because I have a keen interest in reading about Indian politics and lives of some of our prominent leaders. Narendra Modi is best known for rising from humble beginnings to become prime minister of India. Much of the last or so pages read like a Wikipedia entry or a medieval chronicle. Clear cut and lucid way of narration of the iron lady.

Indira The Life of Indira Nehru Gandhi PDF ebook

Wearing khadi and organizing her own band of troops. Needless to say, most of the tales are disappointing for patriotic Indians. Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi.

Great upbringing, romantic affairs, family feuds, political maneuvers, wars, nepotism, corruption, assassinations - her story had every possible ingredient of a riveting life. The time has come for me to live my own life. But could she carry on his father's legacy?

The basis of all these undemocratic and underhanded deals was her desire to cling on to power at any cost. Frank's book is a compelling character study, and a stunning account of one of the most equally beloved and reviled persons to have lived. This is an outstanding book, well researched and beautifully written.

In addition she seemed to, at least according to the biography, believe that what she was doing was what was best for India. Gandhi mind and what all went in her decision making. This is a massive book of about pages but I just flew through it. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The suggestion on the parentage of Feroze Gandhi is shocking, as also that on his personal life and rumours in Allahabad.

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