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The plinth area of the building as measured and the present day plinth area rate of similar building in the locality is obtained by enquiries and then the cost is calculated. Civil engineering Projects Updates.

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Valuation also depends on the height of the building, height of the plinth, thickness of the wall, nature of the floor, roof, doors, canon g12 user guide pdf windows etc. By valuation the present value of a property is defined. All aspects of Valuation explained in a very simple and understandable manner.

You can change your ad preferences anytime. Usually, the percentage rate of depreciation is less at the beginning and generally increase during later years. Frontage land has a greater value than back land. In such cases, the valuation may work out to be high in comparison with the cost of construction.

The leaseholder is known as lessee and holds the physical possession under of the property for the definite period under terms and condition specified in the lease document. In such cases, necessary depreciation should be allowed and the points of obsolescence should also be considered. More the age, more will be the amount for the depreciation.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This method is applicable only when the rent is known or probable rent is determined by enquiries. But we can assess by using the following factors. SlideShare Explore Search You. Valuation of a property is also required for insurance etc.

Show related SlideShares at end. So in order to find out the realistic value of land the entire plot is divided into a number of convenient strips by lines parallel to the centre line of the road.

Email Facebook Twitter Pinterest. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Properties may be similar but each property is unique so they can never be like. Valuation is the technique of estimation or determining the fair price or value of property such as building, a factory, other engineering structures of various types, land etc.

This method of Valuation is suitable for buildings like hotels, cinemas, theatres etc for which the capitalized value depends on the profit. For storied buildings the covered area shall be worked out all the stories. He may sell the property, dived it or donate or grant it on lease at his sweet will. This annual sinking fund is also taken as outgoings. This method may be adopted when the rental value is not available from the property concerned, but there are evidences of sale price of properties as a whole.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The method is based on instances of other sales with dates of open comparative like lands in the neighbourhood. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. If the outgoing are not given in the question and are to be assumed, the following percentage may be taken for solving the problems.

The present value of property may be decided by its selling price, or income or rent it may fetch. Sherry Nixon I recovered from bulimia.

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In such cases, the capitalized value of the property is fixed by direct comparison with capitalized value of similar property in the locality. The value of property depends on its structure, life, maintenance, location, bank interest, etc.

The present value of land and water supply, electric and sanitary fittings etc should be added to the valuation of the building to arrive at total valuation of the property. In such case the valuation may work out to be too high in comparison with the cost of construction. To assess the tax of property its valuation is required. The book value of property at a particular year is the original cost minus the amount of depreciation year. If a building is required to be renovated by making additional changes, alterations or improvements, the development method of Valuation may be used.

This value is changes from time to time for various reasons such as change in industry, change on fashion, means of transport, cost of material and labour etc. Jillian Suarez Your opinions matter! You just clipped your first slide! That means after dismantle we will get the steel, brick, timber etc. This net income multiplied by Y.

Municipal and other taxes are charged at a certain percentage on the rateable value of the property. Got all the needed details for a case, to examine an engineer. The market value will differ from time to time according to demand and supply. Taxes may be municipal tax, wealth tax, property tax, etc.

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