Vz800 Service Manual Pdf

Defective valve guides Replace. Loss of balance between right and left front forks Adjust. Mileages are expressed in terms of kilome- ters, miles and time for your convenience.

For this purpose, use of an inspection form such as below will facilitate collecting information required for proper analysis and diagnosis. If any stickiness is noted or ratchet mechanism is faulty, replace the cam chain tensioner assembly with a new one. Defective spark plugs Replace. Weakened or broken valve springs Replace. The stamped mark on the oil seal faces outside.

Vz800 service manual pdf

The stamped mark on the bearing faces crankcase side. If the reading exceeds following limit, replace both piston and piston pin. Be sure to bring the marked side to the top when fitting them to the piston. Worn piston rings or cylinders Replace.

When installing the bearings, stamped mark of bearing must face outside. There is no fuel return hose. Hold the steering stem lower bracket to prevent it from falling. Replace the injector with a new one. If no air bubbles are coming up from a filler port, tap the bottom of the electrolyte container two or three times.

Vz800 service manual pdf

However, the crankshaft journal bearings can be installed by using the following special tools. Connect the probe as shown to avoid opening of female ter- minal.

This measurement should be taken at the widest part. Check that all chassis bolts and nuts are tightened to their specified torque. If any, replace them with a specified set of bearings. Click sound is heard when the cam chain tension adjuster is released.


If it is not within the specification, the shims must be changed. Battery has been left in a run-down condition for Replace the battery. Broken bearing in steering stem Replace. Adjust the throttle cable play A with the following three steps.

Apply grease to the O-ring and the final gear spline before installing the driven joint. This speedometer is light, thin and of high response compared to those currently in use because of this composition. Fill the intake and exhaust ports with gasoline to check for leaks. The saved or filed data are useful for troubleshooting as they can be compared periodically with changes over time or failure conditions of the motorcycle.

Vz800 service manual pdf

If an excessive play is noted, replace the bearing with a new ones. If a large resistance is felt to rotation, inspect the starter clutch for dam- age or inspect the starter clutch contacting surface of the starter driven gear for wear or damage. Be sure to face the short portion A backward when installing it. Replace driven plates which exceed the limit. Secondary valve moves approx.

Do not use or mix other types of brake fluid, such as silicone-based and petroleum-based brake flu- ids when refilling the brake system, otherwise serious damage to the brake system will result. Engine removal is sequentially explained in the following steps. If the distance between the rim line and wheel rim varies, this indicates that the bead is not properly seated. Removal of valves completes ordinary disassembling work.

Just bought the motorcycle and need repair and owners manual for it. The text of this manual is divided into sections. Holding the manual as shown at the right will allow you to find the first page of the section easily. Coat lightly moly paste to the crankshaft journal bearings and the thrust shim. For this reason, bosch maxx 6 bedienungsanleitung pdf it is recommended to use a tire changer that can satisfy this sealing requirement and can make the operation efficient as well as functional.

Refer to page for the loca- tions of the following nuts and bolts on the motorcycle. The decision to overhaul the cylinder is often based on the results of a compression test. Inspect the front forks for oil leakage, scoring or scratches on the outer surface of the inner tubes.


Apply engine oil to each running and sliding part before reas- sembling. If the starter relay clicks and continuity is found, the relay is ok. Poor seating of valves Replace or repair.

SUZUKI VZ800 Manual

Vz800 service manual pdfVz800 service manual pdf

Set the oil pump shaft end A to the water pump shaft B. Starter Motor Inspection Reassemble the starter motor in the reverse order of disassem- bly. If any ring has an excess end gap, replace the ring.